UE Group is all because of its people and the company always focuses on people management and their happiness index, as our founder believes that it’s only the people of the company of company who write the success story of the company. Our team consists of highly experienced and professional staff who under the leadership and guidance our MD follow the ethics and work culture of the company. Working on the single philosophy of success and growth ie QUALITY FIRST, our company has standard operation procedures to define the process of each and every task. Being a process oriented company, we are very stringent on compliance.

Our team of 500 people is divided into different departments which are:-

  • Market Research.
  • Product Development.
  • Research & Development.
  • Management & Administration.
  • Quality Control Team.
  • Marketing & After Sales Team.

Our highly efficient and experience staff of each department oversea the tasks and always works in the favor of the company and its betterment.