Product Code :- FIC002

Quantity :-60 ML & 354 ML

USP OF UE Premium Engine Flush:

  • Lets the engine stay clean and oil pan free from sludge, gum and varnish build-up.
  • Allows a free flow of oil so that it reaches to every part of the engine.
  • Must be used before fresh installation of oil.
  • Highly recommended to use before engine haul.
  • Harmless to metal parts.
  • Best suited for all types of petrol as well as diesel engines.


 UE Premium Engine Flush helps to keep the inside of the engine clean and oil pan prior to carrying out an oil change. Because of the elongated intervals in changing oil, it increases the build-up of sludge, gums and varnishes inside the engine. Hence, it becomes important to clean the engine once in a while before installation of fresh motor oil.

USES OF UE Premium Engine Flush:

For engines


  • Motor
  • A container to hold the dirty oil.
  • New oil filter.
  • Pressurised air (optional).

Step 1

Treat the motor with engine flush.

Step 2

Turn the engine off and drain the oil.

Step 3

Install a new oil filter.

Step 4

Pour fresh motor oil.